Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am such a horrible blogger!

I am just horrible at this! I have gone a month and a half without updating!! So here in a nutshell is what has happened in that time.

I now have a job as a tour guide in a museum! I love it!! I get to meet lots of interesting people everyday, including some Derby winning jockeys =) My job keeps me busy and I don't think I have ever had anything effect my dreams in such a profound way! At least once a week I dream about giving tours or being at the museum or something else related to my job. (Before, I only remember 1 dream every month or 2.)

I also have a second job. I am helping out at my dad's office doing data entry. It isn't the most exciting job in the world, but it definitely is a nice alternate to the whirlwind of excitement at the museum. I get to sit and be quiet, so even though I am working, it isn't as draining as the museum...well, at least not in the same way ;-) It is nice having 2 jobs that work at such different paces.

I also have a meeting tomorrow after work with the guy who is in charge of collections to talk about setting up an internship, and right after that I am working an event at the museum and then babysitting.

So between the 2 jobs and all the other stuff I have going on, I am left with about 2 days free a month.  I don't mind this, but it doesn't leave me with much time or muchas ganas (sorry, there just isn't a good translation to American English for this, for British English it would be I don't fancy) to get things prepared for selling on Etsy. 

I have, however, paint a few more frames and I want to get the ball rolling on this, so my goal is to put 5 frames up for sale by this Monday. (Now you can all hold me accountable!)

My ultimate goal is to have enough money to go to grad school.  I love working at a museum and would love to go to school for museum and gallery studies! The best places to study are either in big hubs (like New York or DC) or places in Europe (where there are museums a plenty!) Of course I would prefer the latter, but with the exchange rate being so bad, I am having to work even harder to get myself the money I would need to study abroad. 

I feel like I am just getting hit by the outer bands of a hurricane. Besides the possibility of having an internship on top of what I already have going on, I will soon be putting together an application for grad school and filling out MANY scholarship applications as well to help with funding. So any encouragement you want to send my way will be well received =)

Well, I think this went a little beyond fitting in a nutshell, but I guess if there is an entire month and a half worth of stuff in there it is acceptable =P

(This is just work related, the MOST IMPORTANT personal things to be going on this past month and a half would definitely be my new niece Abby, getting to visit with family-Nana, Aunt Elaine, Uncle Scott, Nica cousin Nancy-celebrating my niece Regan's b-day and getting to catch up with my friends Courtney, Rachel and Meggie who I hadn't seen for a long time! Ok, now I am satisfied and truly finished with this post!)