Saturday, June 8, 2013

Birthday wish list

This is mostly for my parents, but if anyone else wants to use this to get ideas for a birthday present to get me, feel free!

1. Target Gift Card
2. Amazon Gift Card
3. Old Navy Gift Card
4. Limited Gift Card
5. Singing in the Rain DVD
6. Happy Endings DVDs
7. New makeup brushes
8. Ice cream maker- I used to have one like this that I liked!

9. I have some posters from Spain I'd like to get framed, so I guess money for that or a Joanne Fabric/Hobby Lobby/Michaels gift card (and your Sunday coupon!) to help pay for it
10. This bracelet they sell at our gift shop, probably in green.
11. I also would eventually like to get new racquets, I liked the one Dan got free to write about for his blog when I used it. I think it was a Head racket.