Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kitty love!

I have gotten a kitten! I've had him for a day but am already so attached to him! The vet said he is 4 to 5 weeks old and just weighs a little over a pound, which means he is extra adorable! My favorite feature is his tiny soft little ears!

Anyway, I have decided to make a list of his likes and dislikes, enjoy =)

Drinking milk
Attacking his litter box
Hiding behind the toilet
Cleaning himself
Hissing, purring, growling,  meowing and making tons of cute little noises

My feet
His carrier
His jingly-ball toy
The toilet when it flushes
His shadow

Well, as may have already noticed, I'm already a big fan! He's just so stinking cute! Hope everyone's having as good of a weekend as I am!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Birthday wish list

This is mostly for my parents, but if anyone else wants to use this to get ideas for a birthday present to get me, feel free!

1. Target Gift Card
2. Amazon Gift Card
3. Old Navy Gift Card
4. Limited Gift Card
5. Singing in the Rain DVD
6. Happy Endings DVDs
7. New makeup brushes
8. Ice cream maker- I used to have one like this that I liked!

9. I have some posters from Spain I'd like to get framed, so I guess money for that or a Joanne Fabric/Hobby Lobby/Michaels gift card (and your Sunday coupon!) to help pay for it
10. This bracelet they sell at our gift shop, probably in green.
11. I also would eventually like to get new racquets, I liked the one Dan got free to write about for his blog when I used it. I think it was a Head racket.

Friday, March 29, 2013

losing touch

I had a friend from college pass through town this week, and even thought it was great to see her, it actually made me sad. We had been such good friends 5 years ago, and now we barely know what's been going on in each others lives since then. And honestly, if Facebook didn't exist, neither of us would have any idea what's been going on in the others lives.

And I feel like this with so many people who at one time I would have said they were some of my closest friends. How does this happen?

Think I'll take the time to say hello to an old friend and hello to several friends who I don't want to fade to acquaintances.

Monday, January 7, 2013

new years resolutions

Every year I seem to make resolutions that I never keep, but this year I'm hoping to break this trend- but I'll need your help!

I have lived in so many different places and have so many wonderful friends and family living all over the world, but I am not very good at keeping in contact with people. I want to change this. So, I would like to do better at regularly talking, texting, skyping, emailing, writing etc all the wonderful people in my life that hold a special spot in my heart.

If you are interested in talking with me on a more regular basis, please message me your preferred method, and I will make my very best effort to communicate with you a more regular basis!!

Please help me keep my resolution!!


 Los Propósitos para el Nuevo Año

Cada año hago los propósitos pero nunca los mantengo, pero esto año quiero cambiar con tu ayuda.

He vivido en muchos sitios distintos y tengo amigos y familia en muchos partes del mundo pero no tengo capaz mantenerme en contacto con vosotros. Quiero cambiarlo! Por favor, mandame tu numero móvil, email, skype, dirección postal o lo que se, y intentaré mantenerme en contacto contigo!

Gracias por tu ayuda!! Besos!