Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Scottish Fisheries Museum

Today in class we were asked to break into 3 group which will each work on creating exhibits in museums around the area. I chose to work on the Fisherman Folk Art exhibition which I am really excited about! We went to the museum today to take a tour (it is about 20 minutes outside of St Andrews in a town called Anstruther), and I was quite impressed with the museum. We are just getting started, so all the details are really up in the air aside from the subject of the exhibition (mentioned above) and the opening date which will be March 15th. I'll keep you posted on the progression of our project, but for now I'll just leave you with the museum's website =)

Scottish Fisheries Museum

(Also, the town is quite famous for having what is supposed to be the best fish and chip shop in all of Scotland and a tour ship that will take you out to an island where you get to see PUFFINS!!! I am keen on experiencing both!)

Monday, September 26, 2011

2 posts in less than a week! I'm getting better at this =)

Last Friday there was an opening ceremony for the school of arts. (That's why I was hearing bagpipes from my window!) I went to it not really expecting it to be as formal and ceremonial as it was, which for an American was actually quite fascinating since we don't really have ceremonies at that level. There were several speaks, and the last speaker ended by reading this passage as motivation for us as we begin our studies.

You clan of Conn, remember this:
Strengthen from the eye of the storm.
Be at them, be animals,
Be alphas, be Argus-eyed,
Be belters, be brandishers,
Be bonny, be batterers,
Be cool heads, be caterans,
Be clashers, be conquerors,
Be doers, be dangerous,
Be dashing, be diligent,
Be eager, be excellent,
Be eagles, be elegant,
Be foxy, be ferrety,
Be fervid, be furious,
Be grimmer, be gralloching,
Be grinders, be gallopers,
Be hardmen, be hurriers,
Be hell-bent, be harriers,
Be itching, be irritants,
Be impish, be infinite,
Be lucky, be limitless,
Be lashers, be loftiest,
Be manly, be murderous,
Be martial, be militant,
Be noxious, be noisiest,
Be knightly, be niftiest,
Be on guard, be orderly,
Be off now, be obdurate,
Be prancing, be panic-free,
Be princely, be passionate,
Be rampant, be renderers,
Be regal, be roaring boys,
Be surefire, be Somerleds,
Be surgers, be sunderers,
Be towering, be tactical,
Be tip-top, be targetters,
Be urgent, be up for it,
In vying be vigorous,
In ending all enemies.
Today is for triumphing,
You hardy great hunting dogs,
You big-boned braw battle boys,
You lightfoot spry lionhearts,
You wall of wild warriors,
You veterans of victories,
You heroes in your hundreds here,
You Clan of Conn, remember this:
Strength from the eye of the storm.
-Robert Crawford

I doubt I'll have quite as much gusto as he is trying to inspire with his words (especially since it's ment for battle), but here's hoping I have a fraction of it! Meet and greet today and classes start tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

St. Andrews

Well, just a quick update for all who are interested. I've been in Scotland almost a week now, and I am really enjoying myself! Right now we are in the middle of freshers week, which is basically orientation for all the new students here. I've gone on some tours of the town and gotten some yummy food, but other than that I haven't participated much because it is geared more towards freshman, not post graduates.

So instead, I am spending my time walking around town, buying some essentials (like an umbrella!) and just relaxing. I walked along the pier today, and the sea view here is gorgeous!! I can't get enough of it =) So here is a photo montage I took today. Cheers!