Monday, January 7, 2013

new years resolutions

Every year I seem to make resolutions that I never keep, but this year I'm hoping to break this trend- but I'll need your help!

I have lived in so many different places and have so many wonderful friends and family living all over the world, but I am not very good at keeping in contact with people. I want to change this. So, I would like to do better at regularly talking, texting, skyping, emailing, writing etc all the wonderful people in my life that hold a special spot in my heart.

If you are interested in talking with me on a more regular basis, please message me your preferred method, and I will make my very best effort to communicate with you a more regular basis!!

Please help me keep my resolution!!


 Los Propósitos para el Nuevo Año

Cada año hago los propósitos pero nunca los mantengo, pero esto año quiero cambiar con tu ayuda.

He vivido en muchos sitios distintos y tengo amigos y familia en muchos partes del mundo pero no tengo capaz mantenerme en contacto con vosotros. Quiero cambiarlo! Por favor, mandame tu numero móvil, email, skype, dirección postal o lo que se, y intentaré mantenerme en contacto contigo!

Gracias por tu ayuda!! Besos!