Friday, June 29, 2012

no hay dos sin tres

Spain is in the finals of the Eurocup! Very exciting!! =) Especially since they won the last Eurocup and last World Cup!

I also love the music that comes out of big football tournaments, and Spain has made a song for this Eurocup. It's called 'No hay dos sin tres' or 'Good things come in threes'. It's not quite as inspirational or have quite a positive message as the 2 from the last World Cup, but still catchy! Enjoy =)

 Cali, Dandee and David Bisbal - No hay dos sin tres

Shakira - Esto Es Africa

K'naan and David Bisbal - Waving Flag

Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's my birthday!

It's my birthday! This is about how I feel! Don't think I've properly celebrated in a long time (although getting to eat wedding cake on my birthday last year was pretty exciting- probably the fanciest cake you can have on a birthday!)

Having my brother and sister in town and getting to go out for a nice lunch will be nice. I'm pretty excited!! =)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rachel's Visit

Rachel came to Scotland for a visit! It was nice having a friend from home here! Here are some pictures from her visit!!

 At Trinity Church.
 Baby bunnies outside St Andrews Museum.
 St Andrews from West Sands.
 Trip to Balmullo!
 Playing with sheep and their lambs...
 and dogs!! =)
 Landscape in Balmullo
 Stirling Castle
I think I make good royalty! =)
 The ghostly kitchen
 Rachel and me at the Stirling Castle
 Edinburgh Castle
 Rachel and me on the walk up Arthur's Seat
 Dessert at the elephant house
Rachel got a toffee cake =)

And Michele and Eric will be here soon!! Will be going to London this weekend to meet up with them, and then they will visit Scotland =)