Sunday, September 9, 2012


I think one of my favourite things about having lived abroad is the way it opens up the world. I have had 2 experiences this week that I have loved and make me feel 'it's a small world after all' isn't too far off from the truth.

The first was from the beginning of this week when I uploaded my last photos from Scotland. The father from the family I stayed with while studying in Costa Rica saw the pictures, shared them with his friends on Facebook and wrote that he hopes to be able to travel to this part of the world soon. How cool! Through facebook, an American was able to share her photos of Scotland and inspire a Costa Rican to travel- the internet can be incredible sometimes!

The second was from today. I am currently staying with my pastor and his wife, who are missionaries from Brazil. Today for dessert we had home-made strudel and my friend Lesmi joined us, so I am in Spain, eating a German pastry with my Brazilian and Honduran friends! I love my life right now and am going to miss being surrounded by so many cultures when I return to the States.

Monday, September 3, 2012

It's my last day in Scotland =(

Today is my last day (for a a while anyway) in Scotland. Sad times =( I've had a wonderful year. Here are some of my favourite photos from this year!

 Smoked fish
 Rory MacIlroy
 Rainbow in Edinburgh
 The Americans on Thanksgiving
 Christmas ball, I love that Fraser is sharing his icecream with Santa! haha =)

 Jamie and I
 Sonia and I
 Our exhibition team
 Nautical Knots to Knitting Needles
 Me and Liu
 Ready to see the pandas at the zoo
 Zoo- meerkats (haha, spell check wants me to change it to beermats!)
 Holyrood Palace Abbey
 Kentucky Derby
 Highland Fold Museum
 Rachel and I in Sterling

 Highland Games
 Me on Isle of May (not sure why this picture isn't with the rest from Isle of May)
 Old Course
 Sunset in St Andrews
Me and Holly

 Cliffs on Isle of May

 Isle of May lighthouse

 After turning in our dissertations


I had a few more pictures but the internet in the hostel isn't working very well.