Monday, July 30, 2012

Isle of May

Today Jamie, Liu and I went to the Isle of May for the day, which was amazing! It is known for being home to puffins and seals. We didn't see tons of either (especially once we got off the boat!), but the island was gorgeous and so was the weather! It was a lovely day! Enjoy the pics!

 What half the sky looked like...
 what the other half looked like!
 Liu clinging to the boat during the chopping ride!
 Some seals peaking their heads out of the water =)
 On the Isle of May
 Fog horn (I think)
 Another rocky cliff

 Look how clear the water was!
 Puffin burrowing nests
 A puffin popping out of his nest
 Light house
 Us under a tunnel

Prettiest light house I've ever seen!

We did this because Jamie will be moving back to Dunoon on Wednesday and then off to Russia later in August... =( I'll miss having him around!


I got to go to Wales for 3 days! I loved it!! The people were so friendly, and it wasn't as touristy as London or Edinburgh (or St Andrews for that matter) which was a nice break. I mainly went to interview someone at the National Museum Wales for my dissertation, but I made sure I would have some extra time to enjoy myself as well. I went to some museums, the castle and down to the harbor. Loved it!! Plus the weather was AMAZING!! 70-75 the whole time (22-25 for my non-American friends) and not a single cloud in the sky, which means I got some sun!! Only took 11 months in the UK for this to happen =P

 Cardiff City Hall (or Courthouse, can't remember!)
 Whale Skeleton
 Monet's Waterlilies
 Flowers in Bute Park
 Millennium Centre
 Carousel at the Bay
 Coal Exchange building
 Dr Who Experience
 Norwegian church at the Bay
Cardiff Castle

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

random hits

I have noticed over the past few months some things I write about have gotten my blog tons of hits. I would say the top 3 would be as follows:

1. Derby fashion

I guess people want to know to wear and find my blog by doing a web search? The blog I wrote about Derby fashion wasn't super helpful if you are really trying to find something inspiration. First you need to know where you are sitting. Infield = anything goes, Grandstand = look nice, Millionaire's Row = rubbing elbows with celebrities, better be wearing designer! haha =) Look here if you really want to know what people wear to the Derby.

2. Irn Bru

Scotland is the only country to have a drink that outsells Coke products; it's called Irn Bru. It tastes a lot like Big Red for all you people State-side. I love the adverts they have out right now! And you can click here if you want to learn more.

3. No Hay Dos Sin Tres

No Hay Dos Sin Tres is a song by Cali, EL Dandee and David Bisbal. They wrote it to be Spain's song for the 2012 EuroCup (which Spain won!! So exciting!!) It literally means 'There isn't 2 without 3' but what it really means is 'things come in 3's' because Spain had won the 2008 Eurocup and the 2010 World Cup, they were saying it was meant to be that they would win this Eurocup too. Here is a Word Reference thread explaining it =)

These 3 things give a good summary of my life so far! From growing up in Kentucky, living in Spain and studying in Scotland, they pretty much cover it all! Very curious to see if having all 3 of these threads that have drawn in the most views from random sources and places will draw in even more random visitors to this blog! =)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I won a GPS!

I won a GPS! I tweeted an entry about getting lost while traveling, and my entry was picked as the winner =) I never have won anything so exciting/expensive in my life! This is the photo I had attached. I didn't think I would win since Twitter only allows 140 characters (and about 30-40 characters were taken for the hashtag for entry and the photo link) my story was cut short.

I wanted to add a bit more detail, which I can do here! I was walking around Cordoba trying to find this statue in the Jewish Quarter. I wasn't sure exactly where I was so I looked up to find the street name, but instead of having a street name it said "Usted No Esta Aqui" or "You're Not Here". It made me laugh but didn't help me find where I wanted to go. (and I never found the statue! Haha! Further proof I need a GPS)

Anyway, here is my picture and the statue I was trying to find. =)

Also, since they are giving a free GPS for something I put about 5 minutes of effort into, I will use my blog to promote Travel Shark. Here are some of their links:


Can't wait to test the GPS out!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

highland games

Last weekend I was able to go to the Highland Games held in Ceres (which is about 20 minutes outside of where I live.) It was so cool to see in person! Not exactly what I had expected though. There were tons of things going on at once (Highland dancing, caber tossing, biking, running, wrestling, bagpiping competitions, tug of war, etc.) I also wasn't expecting all the modern sports to be included. Here are some pictures and videos from the day! =)

 Highland Dancing
 Throwing a weight over a bar
(not sure what the sport is called!)
 Using a pitchfork to throw hay over a bar
(again, I don't know the official name)
 St Andrews Highland band

 Caber toss

Highland dancing

 Gives you a good idea of how much was going on at once. I am laughing at the end because my friend Liu said if she tried the sport where you throw the weight over the bar, she would probably hit herself in the head.
Caber toss